Day 15 - Your favorite fractal dungeon?

Cliffside fractal.

I´m not sure if it´s my favorite fractal, but I like it cos everything there is so pretty. But when we get this fractal I´m always like: “Noo, hell, why this one. please, tell me people know what to do.” And they usually do on lvl 30+, haha.

But I´m also helping friend with his low lvl fractal, at this moment he has 14 (?) and there are so amny new people who doesn´even care you wrote something to chat… Wtf… I don´t mind new people, but when they don´t know what to do they should really take a look on the chat when I´m explaining.

I told one party to no kill mobs on one side (when there are two seals to break) and guess what? The killed them.. I was standing next to them writing things like “No!” “Stop!” “Don´t kill it!” “WTF, what i said before?” And nothing helped, ppl are blind….