so this is popping again

I find this hilarious for some kind of reason :x

me too

Lolololol wat.


Just finished this painting for my friend. It´s his small asuran thief character from Guild wars 2. 

Finally I bought new graphic tablet so I can draw in Photoshop and so again. This is my first picture after half of year - I didn´t have tablet cos it was broken.. meh.

Photoshop CS5
around 3 hours

From my second blog, was lazy to re-write it ^^

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Changed my thief again, now she has light pinkie hair on the right. She’s really cute like this. I’ll have to change the design of this page a bit tho… :<
And also started new thief art for twitch cos I changed her hair. Meh, will take some time till I have there my character.

Portait of my friend’s character I made some short time ago. It’s her nice warrior before she changed her hair ^^ The background’s like this cos she has legendary greatsword - Twilight.
Painting’s done in Procreate app on iPad.
The first two pictures are just WIPs, the last one s finished piece.


Waiting on Tequatl one day, and captured this gem in map chat.

Without further ado here is the epic three part saga.

lol :D

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Day 17 — Your favorite GW2 related YouTube video?

My favorite videos of GW2 were always Yishis´s outunumbered fights. Maybe it´s because my playstyle is… kinda same.

Also Intigo´s WvW fights: When he started playing on AG.

Or engineer

And last one´d be not gameplay, but some really nice videos all in one with nice song:

Day 16 — What do you listen to while playing?

Em, that´s kinda hard ´cos I listen many different kinds of music while doing PvP, WvW, dungeons, PvE… Whatever, So, I´ll show you some music when I do WvW,´cos WvW is my favorite part of GW2.

This one is my most fav one. Imagine Dragons - Radioactive. I feel so free when i listen to this one. Kinda fits my playing in WvW ^^

Then, this one: is by 30 Seconds to Mars. Amazing song and also take a look on that video, amazingly done. Funny is I usually listen to this when when I´m running from one camp to take another one, while taking some ruins and sometimes killing enemies. I feel like I´m in a music clip :D hah

Pretty diff genre is this one: Usually listen to this one while fighting ppl… Action song, haha.

And just some others:

^^ And moooaaar, but I won´t show all.

Day 15 - Your favorite fractal dungeon?

Cliffside fractal.

I´m not sure if it´s my favorite fractal, but I like it cos everything there is so pretty. But when we get this fractal I´m always like: “Noo, hell, why this one. please, tell me people know what to do.” And they usually do on lvl 30+, haha.

But I´m also helping friend with his low lvl fractal, at this moment he has 14 (?) and there are so amny new people who doesn´even care you wrote something to chat… Wtf… I don´t mind new people, but when they don´t know what to do they should really take a look on the chat when I´m explaining.

I told one party to no kill mobs on one side (when there are two seals to break) and guess what? The killed them.. I was standing next to them writing things like “No!” “Stop!” “Don´t kill it!” “WTF, what i said before?” And nothing helped, ppl are blind….

Day 14 — When did you start playing?

Since GW2 came out ^^

Aw, since I started streaming I forgot to put more things on tumbl, so there you go.

Day 13 - Your favorite explorable mode dungeon?

Em, my most fav was always Twilight Arbor. I can´t help, but I always liked the dungeon, cos of nature and how the dungeon look. 

Aand my second fav - but not the most fav - is Honor of the Waves, just great and nice dungeon. Snow everywhere, it´s sweet

And third one d be Citadel of Flame but only cos it´s so easy and it´s fast to do it.